Terms and conditions

  1. A Step in Stone provides products to customers. Customer’s selections and usage of products and their installation and maintenance are the responsibility of the customer and are outside the control of A Step in Stone. A Step in Stone does not warrantee any product for any use nor any installation procedure or maintenance practice and expressly disclaims all claims asserted after customer installation or usage of products. Installation equals acceptance.
  2. Natural Stone Products. Stone is a product of nature and no two pieces are exactly alike. Every piece of stone has unique natural variations that are not defects but ration characteristics of stone products. All stone products should be sealed with a penetrating sealer prior to grouting to prevent grout from staining the stone. These stones should be resealed as part of normal maintenance procedures.
  3. Metal, Glass, Glazed Ceramic and Porcelain Products. These products have differences in color, shape, size, moisture absorption, finish, and texture. This should be considered in the customer’s purchase decision and intended use of the product selected. Variations of these characteristics occur between production lots of the same product type from manufacturing processes. All sizes are nominal and may vary. Finish trim pieces may vary slightly in color. Glazing on relief tiles will vary in thickness and may appear darker and lighter in different areas of the tile.

    Glazed products are subject to crazing. Crazing is not a defect nor does it affect the durability of the products. It is a characteristic of the manufacturing process. Some tiles are inducted to craze to produce a crackle finish. These tiles should be sealed with a penetrating sealer prior to grouting and should not be used on counter surfaces. Regular resealing is necessary.

  4. Vapor/Moisture Barrier Disclaimer. When stone products or ceramic, porcelain, glass or metal tile is installed on a concrete slab at ground level, it is the responsibility of the customer and their installer to ensure that the slab is dry and fully cured and that a proper vapor barrier is in place between the slab and the stone or tile prior to installation.
  5. Delays. We cannot be responsible for delays caused by strikes, catastrophes, or other delays beyond our control.
  6. Inspection Requirement. It is the responsibility of the customer or any person responsible to the owner regarding installation of the product, to inspect each A Step in Stone product upon delivery to the job site. All merchandise should be INSPECTED immediately upon delivery to insure all items are there and undamaged. All claims of damage must be reported within 48 hours to the delivery carrier and to A Step in Stone. DO NOT RETURN PRODUCT WITHOUT COMPLYING WITH THE RETURN POLICY BELOW. Time is of the essence in regard to these inspections and reporting requirements.
  7. Return Policy.
    1. Installation equals acceptance. Once the product is installed the customer has accepted that product and no returns will be accepted. Replacements can be ordered and paid for by the customer.
    2. Stone is NOT returnable. Other materials authorized for returns are subject to a 30% restocking charge plus freight charges.
    3. No material may be returned for credit later than 30 days from invoicing. Time is of the essence.
    4. Other material may not be returned without prior authorization from A Step in Stone. Call for a Return Authorization number prior to shipping and return within 15 days.
    5. All returns must be properly packed to avoid damage. Credit will not be issues for product that is damaged due to improper packaging or handling. Filing of damage claims with the freight carrier is the responsibility of the customer.